ArthriAid™ Omega Liquid

  • Available in 250ml, 500ml and 1ltr. sizes with a tasty caramel flavour.
  • 250ml and 500ml sizes are fitted with a pump-top which dispenses 2.5ml with every pump for easy measuring.

ArthriAid™ Omega Soft Chews
A tasty treat, ideal for rewards with the same high quality ingredients.

ArthriAid™ Omega Cat Gel
Special gel formulation for cats. Gel can be applied to the back of the paw which the cat will then lick off.

ArthriAid™ Tablets
Available in blister packs of 120 tablets, ideal for travel. Tablets can easily be crushed and mixed with regular food.

ArthriAid™ HA Powder
Available in 400g size tub.

Joints slow down over time (lose their flexibility). ArthriAid™ Omega can help get the joints moving again.

What is a Joint?
• A joint is where 2 bones meet
• It is made up of cartilage which joins the bones and joint fl uid, which prevents them from rubbing together
• Joints are what allow movement

How ArthriAid™ Omega Helps Joints
ArthriAid™ Omega is a supplement that supplies the necessary building blocks to help the body’s own natural manufacture of cartilage.

Glucosamine is an amino sugar which is the starting point for the production of new cartilage.
Glucosamine stimulates production of new cartilage.

Chondroitin is a major structural component of the connective tissue in cartilage, tendons, ligaments and even bones. A major function of chondroitin is to attract fluid into cartilage molecules, which is essential to absorb shock, nourish and lubricate the joints.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Help decrease the breakdown of cartilage.  Help lubricate joints and help mobility.

This is a natural sulphur compound which helps soothe tired joints and aid mobility.

Vitamins C and E
Are powerful antioxidants.


Per 5ml liquid Per Chew
Glucosamine HCL 600mg 600mg
Omega 3 Fatty Acids
(EPA 10mg DHA 15mg)
250mg 250mg
MSM 250mg 250mg
Chondroitin Sulphate 240mg 240mg
Vitamin C 50mg 50mg
Vitamin E 50mg 50mg
Manganese Sulphate 2.5mg 2.5mg


Pet Weight Amount to give:
Up to 5 kg ¼ tablet daily
5 – 7.5 kg ½ tablet daily
7.5 – 15 kg 1 tablet daily
15 – 22.5 kg 1½ tablets daily
22.5 – 30 kg 2 tablets daily
30 – 37.5 kg 2½ tablets daily
37.5 – 45 kg 3 tablets daily

After 14 – 21 days the daily intake can be reduced by half for maintenance

Powder : Initial Administration :

For dogs and cats initial intake –

Pet Weight Amount to give:
0.5kg (0-11lb) 2gm
5-10kg (11-22lb) 3gm
10-20kg (22-44lb) 4gm
20-40kg (44-88lb) 5gm
40kg + (80lb +) 6gm

After 14 – 21 days the daily intake can be reduced by half for maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions

How long should a dog stay on ArthriAid™ Omega?
Dogs should take ArthriAid™ Omega for a minimum of 1 month.  However, because joint changes usually develop and progressesver time, ArthriAid™ Omega should be continued long term.  It is possible to stop using ArthriAid™ Omega and then reintroduce as required.

How soon should an effect be seen?
ArthriAid™ Omega takes a few days to build up in the body so an effect should be seen with in 7 to 10 days.

How do you give ArthriAid ™Omega to a pet?
ArthriAid™ Omega can be poured over food as required. Use the handy measuring cup on the top of the bottle for ease of use.

Can ArthriAid™ Omega be given to cats?
Yes, ArthriAid™ Omega is effective for cats. Simply give the amount according to your pets weight as shown on the bottle.  Also available especially for cats is ArthriAid Omega Cat Gel.

Can ArthriAid™ Omega be given with other feeds or supplements?
Yes. ArthriAid Omega can be given in addition to any other supplements.

How many dogs develop joint issues?
25 – 30% of all dogs develop changes in thier joints.

At what age does this occur?
Joint wear & tear can occur at any age depending on the cause. However, joint issues occur in many older dogs from the ages of 5 years.

How long will a bottle of ArthriAid™ Omega last?
A 250ml bottle of ArthriAid Omega will last 50 days for a 10kg dog.

Some Pet foods already contain additives such as Glucosamine – Why do I need to give a supplement?
The amounts of Glucosamine contained in popular pet foods is not sufficient to be effective as they are only suitable for ongoing requirements. ArthriAid™ Omega is a specialist supplement to help with joints specifically.